Students are learning how to use the internet to meet the vision of the New Zealand Curriculum.
They are learning how to become life long learners, actively involved, confident and connected.

Schools take a number of steps to ensure the safety of students online.
Within the school environment watchdog provides web filtering. All computer web browsers are set to safe search.
We are exploring using google's new locked safe search and web history as further options to keeping students safe online within the school environment.

It is now 2012 and much of our lives are online. It is important that students learn how to participate safely online. The following video is a reminder of how much of our lives are already documented in the digital world.

The following site has some cool videos that make you think.

That's not cool

Hectors World

Below is a slide show prepared by Suzie Vesper (Core ICT Facilitator for Somerville Intermediate 2009). From slide 54 onwards the presentation looks at the issues related to working online that have been explored in relation to online learning environment students participate in during 2009. These issues will be revisited in 2010 to ensure they are shared with new staff and modified to best the ever changing online environment.