My Digital Portrait.

What do you want your digital footprint to look like?

Watch the video before you start this project.
Remember that when you post information onto the web can be viewed by anyone.
Always think about what you want to be public and what you want to be private.

Design Brief

Use images and text to portray meaning.

Task One: Create a Tag Cloud

1. Open a word processing document (TextEdit) and enter the following headings.

Things I like.
Favourite People
Things I do
What I want to learn
Five other words

Now enter 5 words under each of the above headings.

Prepare your words for the tag cloud by copying and pasting each word.
The more your paste a word the larger it will be in the cloud.

Use wordle to create a tag cloud.
Click here to open Wordle
Paste your words into the top field.

Experiment with the options in Wordle.

When you are happy with the image select print and choose PDF - save as PDF or

On an Apple iMac use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-4 to take a screen shot and send it to a desktop file.

Save your wordle into your folder on the server.
If you wish email your wordle from in Preview.

You can make more than one wordle using the same words.

Task Two: Create a Avatar in weeworld.