A website is a place to go when you need information. It is often a place where people go to be informed.

There are a number of free options available on the web. Many of them use templates to get you publishing online quickly.

If you have an apple mac you can design your site with iWeb.

On the web try
Memorable Math With Ms. Napolitano

If you want something with a bit of flash then try
Mrs Hand's Website

Another site is
Australian Age of Dinosaurs

Even Google has an option for you at
Speed of Creativity

For Open Source web authoring then try

Follow the link below to a podcast from the K12 Online Conference that has more examples of how teachers are using websites.
Options for Building Your Teacher Website and WHy YOU Should. by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

'If the main thing we now about the future is that we do not know much about it, then the key responsibility of the educator is to not to give young people tools that may be out of date before they have even been fully masteted, but to help them to become confident and competent designers and makers of their own tools as they go along.’ Guy Claxton (2002)
Full text available at: http://books.google.com/books