Year 8 - Term One - Movie Project

You are making a 3 minute movie.
It must be a topic 3 people can work on from planning to final editing.
You must be able to research your topic on the internet.
You need to define who the stakeholders are. (Audience)
Your topic should be about an issue, (How to work smart with today's tools.)
that is explored in a particular context. (Choose a tool that can be used for learning. i.e. the iPad, colour, learning spaces.)


Task One

On the digistore on TKI there are some great resources that can improve your movie making skills.

Complete the first of the following tasks at school.
You will need to print the certificate to show you have completed the task.

Web link: Lights, Camera, Action
Student Pin: VYROLH

Task Two
On ICT Y8 there are examples of students movies.
Last tests movies are in
Syn E Term 3
Syn F Term 3 etc.
Watch some of these movies