Reflecting on Learning

As a learner in 2010 at Somerville Intermediate students learn using ICT tools in the ICT program.
The movie below gives Dan Tapscott's view of young people today.
Watch the whole video.

Design Brief:
Reflect on your learning and create a video clip to record your thoughts.

Write your one minute script about your learning. Have a
Record your video in quicktime. (File - New movie recording)
Create a slideshare account to upload your video into.
Embed your movie from slideshare into your wiki page with your brainstorm.

The Graphic Organiser Template:

Useful Links
Watch some students talk about learning from ACOT.
Example of a students My Learning wiki page.

Some Background Reading

goingglobal.jpgStudents today live in a world without walls. The majority of Somerville students (98%) have a computer at home. Some 58% have their own computer and only 3% do not have the internet at home.

In a recent survey 80% stated that they have a mobile phone and a similar percentage have an ipod or MP3 player.

Somerville students are connected to the world any time, any where. At Somerville we are encouraging the students to explore using ICT solutions for learning. We are encouraging the students to set up personal learning environments that can be taken with them to college.

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The five Key Competencies provide students with guidance on...

"What should people know and be able to do in order to lead a "successful life" in a "well-functioning society" - Quote from the OECD

the digital backpack allows students to explore the following key competencies in more detail.